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Emergency and Exit lights must be tested every six months for a duration of 90 minutes. Emergency and Exit lighting illuminate an exit route outlining exit doors and designated walk ways to safely guide you out of the building. Emergency and exit lights come with a battery backup unit but can fail and need to be replaced. We can replace all failed emergency & exit lights.

By conducting the required testing not only do you meet your duty of care, but also by discharging the batteries every six months you will prolong the life of the exit sign or emergency light.

There are three different types of emergency lighting:

  1. Sustained – A sustained emergency light has two lamps within the light fitting and only one lamp works at either time.
  2. Non-maintained – These emergency lights are normally non-illuminated, are consistently on charge and only illuminate when the main power has failed.
  3. Maintained – A maintained emergency light has only one lamp which is illuminated both on mains power and when mains power fails.

FLAME Services is able to install, maintain, service and certify all types of exit signs and emergency lighting.