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We provide the installation and maintenance and any ongoing support required for most brands of Fire Indicator Panels. If you would like to get a free quote or more information about the services which we offer, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

We ensure that all our fire alarm panels are commissioned correctly and are able to pass the monthly and annual tests required by BCA.


Fire alarm panels testing prices starting from $80.


Fire Indicator Panels (FIP) and Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS)

 A Fire Indicator Panel which is popularly known as the FIP refers to a system which has been designed to detection any signs of smoke or heat and to communicate this back to the FIP. Through this, the directions which would need to be given as regards evacuation would be given to the occupants of that building signaling to them that there is an emergency and significant threat of fire. 

Fire Indicator Panels work in several ways with various features serving multiple functions. It comes with smoke/thermal detectors for detecting smoke and heat from flames. Once the alarm has been being triggered, you would probably hear an emergency siren or tone. This notifies all occupants in the building to evacuate immediately and occupants are directed to their nearest fire exit/emergency escape route as outlined on the evacuations plans throughout the building.

FIP’s are usually monitored by a Fire Alarm monitoring company or connected directly to the relevant Fire Brigade authority. A false alarm may result in a $1400.00 fine depending on the cause.

FIP’s are of two types. This includes the conventional fire alarm panels and the addressable fire alarm panels with each coming with unique features which distinguish it from each other.

Conventional Fire Alarm panels

When it comes to the conventional alarm panels, each zone runs on its own “loop” to keep the detectors organized into zones, thus requiring more cable work. These types of fire alarm panels are usually beneficial when it is used in places such as childcare centers and other small buildings, which may require that they have some form of fire alarm systems. They are more cost effective and affordable for buildings that don’t require many zones.

The Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

An addressable fire alarm panel is a much more advanced system compared to a conventional fire alarm panel. They cost a lot more and are suited to large building as all detectors can be connected to 1 continuous cable. The cables do not need to be run separately to individual zones. This saves time and money not having to run more cables. You also do not need to run the cable back in a loop to the Fire Alarm Panel as a resistor can be installed at the end of the line to detect any loss in signal which may occur along the cable route.

All detectors throughout the building are given a name and number to identify its individual location in a large building. The display would ensure that whenever an alarm is triggered, it would be possible to pinpoint the exact location in the building where it is coming from. Some of the things which these addresses would have would include;

·         Building name/number

·         Floor Level

·         Room name/number

·         The type of detector

·         The number that is on the detector.