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* 4.5kg ABE Extinguishers starting from $60 each ex GST delivered *


FLAME Services strives to provide the best prices on Fire Extinguishers in Sydney, our prices are affordable and competitive, and we ensure that we provide topnotch services to our customers.

We value our esteemed customers, and that is why we ensure that we provide affordable fire extinguishers in the Sydney metro area. All of our fire extinguishers come with tags that indicate they meet Australian standard AS-2444.

We can be your trusted supplier of fire extinguishers in Sydney and deal with all types of fire extinguishers, in order to ensure that the appropriate fire safety measures as outlined by the BCA.

If you need affordable and cost-effective fire safety solutions then we can confidently tell you that our Sydney NSW Fire Extinguisher inspect and test service is just the perfect one for you to opt for. We are always available to deliver our services on the same day in most cases. If you have questions or want some free advice about fire extinguishers, feel free to reach out to us, as we also offer free no obligation quotes.



Our services include delivery, replacement, and installation of the following:

·         Fire extinguishers

·         Fire Blankets

·         Smoke alarms and Thermal alarms

·         Emergency and exit lights.

Furthermore, we will carry out the installations according to Australian standards, including the brackets, seals, signs, and seals.




How often should Fire Extinguishers get tested?

It is imperative that fire extinguishers get tagged and tested every six months, as well as ensure that they are pressure tested and refilled every five years. According to the AS-2444, it is required that fire extinguishers are placed at approximately 20m apart. It is also important and required that all extinguishers are installed with the proper brackets, seals, signage, tags, and clear instructions indicating how to use the extinguishers, and other relevant information.

We ensure that all of our extinguishers are properly tagged when supplied to our customers, and we can also have your portable fire extinguishers tested.


What are the types of Fire Extinguishers in Australia?

There are five major types of fire extinguishers in Australia:

·         Foam

·         Dry Powder

·         Water

·         Wet Chemical

·         CO2

It is important to know the types of fire extinguishers and identify the types that are suitable for different locations like the home or business premises. If you use the inappropriate fire extinguisher for the wrong location, you may be going against the regulations and safety standards. Your choice of fire extinguisher is also dependent on the type of possible fires that can happen within your premises because no single fire extinguisher is able to deal with all classes of fire.


What are the classes of fire?

There are 6 classes of fire, and they are:

·         Class A fires (from combustible materials): These are caused by flammable solid materials, such as paper, wood, and fabric.

·         Class B fires (from flammable liquids): Ty include petrol, turpentine or paint

·         Class C fires (from flammable gases): Fires caused by gases like butane, hydrogen, or methane

·         Class D fires (combustible metals): Fires caused by chemicals like aluminum, magnesium, or potassium

·         Electrical fires (from electrical equipment): The moment the electrical item is removed, the fire changes class

·         Class F fires (from cooking oils): Typically a chip-pan fire

What types of Extinguishers are used for electrical fires?

Most times, electrical fires are controlled and put out with the aid of CO2 fire extinguishers, and that is the main type of fire extinguisher you will find in a computer server room.