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How often must Hose Reels be tested?

Fire Hose Reels must be tested every six months. Fire Hose Reels are 36m in length and can cover a diameter of up to 40m from the point of where it is installed. We can test your fire hose reels & replace if leaking or faulty.

What type of Hose Reels do we offer?

FLAME Services offers a wide range of Fire Hose Reels with two lengths available of 36m and 50m. Both options are easy to maintain and operate and meet Australian standards AS1221.

What types of fire are Fire Hose Reels used for?

A fire hose is suitable for use against small Class A fires. This type of fire is fueled by paper, textiles, wood, plastics, rubber, and cloth. The hose should only be used as an initial response to the flame. An accessible reel could contain a small fire quickly and minimize damage.

When should a Fire Hose Reel be used?

Note that a fire hose reel should only be used as a preliminary defense. If the flame grows or is not easily contained, you will need to evacuate the area immediately. Only those who are familiar with the hose reel should attempt to extinguish a flame.

Do you need a Fire Hose Reel?

Fire safety equipment is not installed in your building only for compliance but to minimize risk. By ensuring every member of your business knows how to use fire protection equipment, you are protecting your staff and minimizing risk. Through regular fire equipment testing and training, the fire protection equipment in your building will be your best bet in case of an emergency.